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Live Your Best Rainy Day

I can’t, its raining

In California, we have needed rain for a very long time… and yay, we got it! But when will it end? There is nothing better than exploring endlessly in our beautiful state, so as much as we appreciate the rain, we’re ready to have you back, sun! With all of this wet and cold weather, how can you stay active and have fun? Well, we’ve put together a little rainy day idea list to help you say “I can

  1. Museums! There are over 145 unique museums in California (including one dedicated to ice cream!) and they are a great way to learn, explore, have fun, and stay dry.
  2. Roller Skating. Feeling lethargic but don’t want to go to the gym again? Grab your friends and hit the rink!
  3. How-To Classes: these can range from cooking classes to pottery classes to sushi making classes to dancing classes and many more.
  4. Spa Day! We hardly need to find an excuse to pamper ourselves, so the rain makes it easy to go and get a facial or massage! Treat yo self.
  5. Rock Climbing (indoor, of course). There are many indoor rock climbing facilities that are open for people of all different skill sets!
  6. Food & Drink – this one is a no brainer, and always a fan favorite. Look up some favorite restaurants in your area and try out the best happy hour with some friends.

These are just a few of the many ways to get out and enjoy yourself, even if it’s not outside. It is so important to stay active with friends and family and not let the rain or cold weather get you down. Look up some indoor favorites around you and comment to let us know how you keep busy!

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