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Definition – a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul. Inspiration can drive, motivate, spark, and encourage. In the spirit of inspiration, we wanted to pause our day and take the time to drive, motivate, spark, and encourage someone very important – you!

If you’ve come across OCDrawstrings, you might be able to tell we’re just a little bit obsessed with travel, adventure, learning and, of course, fun. Who do we get our inspiration from? Everyone! There are so many great ways to get information, learn new things and inspire the way you live. But we’d like to highlight one blog this week specifically. The Social Girl Traveler, is a ‘life liver and a dream go getter’ – sign me up?! Her mission is to create incredible possibilities of transformation for humankind to live lives of impact, purpose, and badassery.

The Social Girl Traveler inspires us with her courage to stray from the beaten path and live a life that truly makes her happy, while spreading inspiration every step of the way! The Social Travel Girl has positively impacted over 13,600 humans around the world (wow!) and does not seem to have any plans of stopping. OCDrawstring’s believes in the power that traveling and adventure can have on levels of happiness and as always, we encourage you to get out and see the world, whether it’s in your own backyard or thousands of miles away.


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