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Spotlight: Denver

Welcome to the Mile High City!

We found ourselves in Denver recently for a weekend filled with family, friends, fun and of course, good food. While we were in this state (with approximately 300 days of sunshine a year), we were able to see a few of the many things that Denver offers! This trip also takes a slight detour from our normal California road trips but we’re so grateful to be able to see such a beautiful part of the country.

Before heading to Colorado, we some research. Did you know Denver is one of a few cities with seven professional sports teams? If you want to get outside though, Denver is home to more than 200 parks! So much to explore with so little time. Guess we’ll have to go back.

Without further adieu…

Food & Drink

  • Linger: Wow. We went to Linger on our first night in Denver and it absolutely set the bar for the weekend. Before our reservation we went up to their beautiful rooftop (with a view of the city) and ordered from their pop-up bar, which doubled as a van! The food was globally inspired. Highly recommend getting a few smaller plates for everyone to share.
  • Syrup Breakfast, Lunch & Catering: This was an awesome little breakfast spot we came across. Highly recommend the Waffle Sliders, a perfect mix of sweet and savory. Syrup also has many different types of syrup! The coconut one was amazing.
  • Union Station: Never did I think a train station would double as a beautiful hotel and bar. Union Station is so glamorous and a perfect place to either say or just stop by for a drink!

Things To Do

  • Colorado Rockies: The Coors Field is located in Lower Denver and is also a perfect walking distance from many other Denver attractions, as well as the downtown area. Check out a Rockies game while you’re visiting!
  • Larimer Square: Welcome to Denver’s ‘Most Historic Block’ and is the block where Denver began. There are a countless number of cute shops and restaurants to check out on this block – both old and new. Check out the Walkway Gallery while you’re there. This is a rotating art gallery that showcases local artists with all pieces for sale.
  • Red Rocks Amphitheater: Red Rocks, as it’s more colloquially known, is an open-air amphitheater located about 10 miles outside of Denver that is built into a rock structure. Not only does Red Rocks host concerts, but you can go to this gorgeous location for yoga classes, movie screenings or even a local high school graduation.

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