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Spotlight: Maui

Hello… or should we say… ALOHA!

We have just returned from the most wonderful, exciting, and (almost) relaxing time in Maui. Even though it is a biiiit of a detour from our normal California ‘Spotlight’ posts, we couldn’t resist sharing some of our favorite places to go and things to do on this amazing island. A little geography about Maui: all things considered, it is very doable to drive from one end of Maui to the other in just three or four hours. However, deciding where to stay in Maui is most likely the biggest decision for vacationers. There are countless perfect places that are fit for just about any person’s needs. We chose the beautiful Kaanapali.

Kaanapali is home to endless beaches, waterfront views, hikes and restaurants. In our time, we could not get enough of the area and thus were constantly on the go (hence the ‘almost relaxing’ part). While unfortunately we didn’t make it to the rest of the island, read below about a few of our favorite things we did and tried whilst on island time.

First things first… Food, of course

  • Down the Hatch We went to this place based off of a recommendation and it was to die for. The Lava Lava Spicy Chicken Sandwich is a must and everyone there was so nice!
  • The Gazebo If you love a good breakfast, this is your spot. It may turn you into an early riser though, because the line is so long you’ll have to get there early. Awesome place!
  • Lahaina Fish Company – We went to dinner here and it was incredible. Our table was looking directly over the water and we even saw a shark! Their truffle aoli sauce though…


  • Kapalua Beach The beaches in here are wonderful for a few reasons. The size of the beach is great because there was plenty of space, but also there were other things to do such as snorkeling, checking out the tide pools, and even a few big rocks to jump off of!
  • Namalu Bay We stumbled upon this gem and I am so happy we did. There is not necessarily a beach here though. It is a cove with lava rocks surrounding it, which means of course more big rocks to jump off! As we were about to leave, we saw a turtle too!


  • Road to Hana The Road to Hana is one of the most popular and beautiful scenic routes in Maui. It is definitely a long drive due to the single lane roads but each mile marker has amazing things to offer – famous banana bread, hikes, waterfalls, farmers markets etc.
  • Trilogy Snorkel TripThis snorkeling day pretty much made our trip. The crew was amazing, food was awesome and I don’t even know where to begin for snorkeling! The fish were used to people so they were swimming close to us, so much to see.
  • Front Street in Lahaina Lahaina is one of the cutest beach towns ever. There are so many things to do and see from the Historic District to shopping and of course restaurants. Go before sunset so you can see the beautiful colors over the water!

If you ever get the chance to venture to any of these beautiful places, have comments, questions, or suggestions, make sure to bring your drawstring along and let us know! Enjoy.

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