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Spotlight: SLO

Road trips are 100% proven to be good for the soul (don’t fact check me). If you’re thinking about taking a road trip, your next destination should be…. San Luis Obispo, California, or “SLO” as the locals call it.

San Luis Obispo is a cute central coast gem, also termed by Oprah as ‘The Happiest City in the World” (do fact check me on this one). In SLO, you can find everything from hikes and beautiful beaches to happy hours to amazing brunches. This little town is located almost exactly in the middle of San Francisco and Los Angeles and therefore makes it the perfect getaway spot: far enough, but not too far. Cal Poly, a Polytechnic State University of 20,000+ students is located in San Luis Obispo, as well. This university has the balance of bringing life to San Luis Obispo without turning it into another college town. So, what are our favorite things to do in SLO?


  • High Street Deli – best sandwiches you’ll have (get the Dutch Punch!)
  • Madonna Inn – the Pink Champagne CAKE is amazing
  • Novo – bring global cuisine in a perfect small-town fashion
  • Guiseppe’s – our absolute favorite Italian spot



  • Scout Coffee – featuring awesome milkshakes and great coffee
  • Kreuzberg Coffee – a perfect place to study and look at cool art
  • Black Horse – with three locations in SLO alone, it must be good
  • Nautical Bean – a great breakfast and place to catch up with friends

Let us know your favorite places in San Luis Obispo in the comments! Or, if you try one of our recommendations, tell us what you think.

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